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Course Title :


New Headway  plus  Intermediate

By John and Liz Soars


Course Number:                     Engl  , 182

Credit Hours:                          6 credit hours (  12 hours a week )

Year / Semester / Level:          First Year , Level Two

Course Prerequisite:               None




Course Description


Headway Intermediate is a fourteen-unit English language course basically designed to develop student’s language abilities. Each unit systematically provides general language input (i.e. structures, vocabulary and everyday social expressions) and language skills development  ( i.e. reading , speaking ,listening and writing ). Most language activities involve authentic texts nicely chosen to encourage students to use the language effectively in different life situations.


Every unit has a certain theme or function  such as communication, the way we live , telling stories , shopping ,describing people and places, talking about people's  experiences , giving advice , talking about well- known discoveries and inventions -----------etc. Throughout the unit , there are ample opportunities for students to  read , write ,  listen and speak  about their own life and experiences .In terms of grammar and vocabulary , students will have a certain familiarity with many structures and topic related words or lexis in order to communicate in different real life situations .


In brief, this course book has an integrative syllabus. The four language skills are integrated and developed in context and the topics are selected from a wide variety of material to motivate students and encourage them to practice and use the language they learn.



Course Objectives


By the end of the course, students are expected to be able to :


        Read and understand different reading texts and answer comprehension questions.

        Use context to guess the meaning of words or expressions and use them in a variety of real life situations.

        Communicate effectively and meaningfully in polite conversations, discussions and many language functions.

        Use the language they learn (i.e. vocabulary, structures, ---etc) outside the context of teacher – learner situations.

        Use a bilingual dictionary skillfully to look up the meaning of new words, idioms and collocations.

        Practice grammatical structures and common social expressions through dialogues or polite conversations.

        Listen to dialogues or conversations and consequently do the related assignments.

        Write a short coherent and guided paragraph using structures and vocabulary learned in the textbook.

        Complete all relevant writing activities in the Workbook.



Teaching Methods


The course combines the best of English language teaching methodologies to help students use English accurately and fluently.

The following approaches and methods are highly recommended to teach this course book:


- Communication which requires the use of pair work , group work and role play. This can be extremely beneficial and enjoyable for students to realize that they can operate as real language users.


- Using appropriate elicitation skills especially in the teaching of oral productions, telling stories, or describing places.

- Free writing practice to enable students to be productive learners.

- Internet applications.


Teaching Aids


In order to help achieve the aims of the course book, the following instructional aids will be used:


- Data show

- White board


-Audio cassettes

-Pictures, tables, graphs in the student's book .




Student’s performance and progress will be evaluated as follows:


Midterm Exam                                                                    30 %

Final Exam                                                                50 %

Quizzes &Home works                                         10 %                                                   

Attendance & Participation                                 10 %


Total                                                                          100 %


Components of the Syllabus


- New Headway Plus – Pre- Intermediate Student's Book

- New Headway Plus - Pre- Intermediate Workbook

- New Headway Teacher's Book

- Class audio CDs







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