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Prof. Mohamed AICHOUNI


PhD, BSc

Professor, ASME, SQC,

KAQA Assessor

Quality Expert 



My name is Mohamed AICHOUNI.  Currently I `m a Professor at the College of Engineering, Principal Investigator of the Research Chair on Quality Improvement in the Construction Industry (QICRC) , and Vice-Dean of the Engineering College at the University of Hail (at UoH Since September 2009). I earned a PhD degree in Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering from the University of Salford, Manchester, Great Britain in 1992 and a Bachelor degree in Marine Engineering (Mechanical and Power Machinery) from the University of Sciences and Technology of Oran (Algeria) in 1987.

Prior to joining Hail University, I was an Assistant Professor at Hail College of Technology (2001-2009) and Associate Professor at the Faculty of Sciences and Engineering, University of Mostaganem (Algeria) (1992-2001). From 1988 to 1992 I was a demonstrator at the Aeronautical and Mechanical Engineering Department Laboratories at the University of Salford in the United Kingdom. During my University career I have been the Principal Investigator and Leader of several Research Projects funded by big organizations both in business and government. Recently I co-founded the "Total Quality and Organizational Excellence Consultancy Center" to help Saudi Organizations to achieve the 2030 Saudi Vision Strategic Objectives. I am the Scientific Head and Founder of the Master Program "Quality Engineering and Management", at the College of Engineering, Hail University, (launched starting 2015).

Several PhD and MSc Theses have been discussed under my supervision, and I have been an external examiner of more than thirty Master and PhD theses in the area of thermo-fluids engineering and metrology. I published several Scientific Papers in Refereed (ISI) Journals  and international conferences.

During my academic carrier I acted at top management positions at higher education institutions. I acted as Vice Rector in charge of Post-Graduate Studies and Scientific Research, at the University of Mostaganem, Algeria, (during 1993 - 2001) and  Quality Director and General Supervisor at Hail College of Technology, Saudi Arabia, (during the period April 2005-Jan 2007).

I am reviewer of several international journals (The A.S.M.E Journal of Fluid Engineering, The European Journal of Engineering Education and the Journal of Thermoplastic Composite Materials) ; member of engineering professional societies (American Society of Mechanical Engineers and the Saudi Quality Council).


1. Undergraduate Courses 2. Post-Graduate Courses

ME 418 - Quality in Manufacturing

ISE 320 - Quality Control and Industrial Statistics

ISE 205 - Probability and Statics for Engineers  (STAT 319)

ME 201 -Dynamics

PREP004-Introduction to Engineering 

Quality Control (in Arabic)

Metrology (in Arabic)

Manufacturing Systems (In Arabic)

Fluid Mechanics; Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer

Master of Quality Engineering and Management (Hail University, 2015-2016)

QEM 511 - Total Quality Management

QEM 623 - Organizational Excellence

QEM 625 - Computer Application in Quality Engineering


Master of Fluid Mechanics (Mostaganem University, 2008-2010)

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Experimental Fluid Dynamics,

Heat and Mass Transfer,

Environmental Engineering


My current research interests are centered around Quality Management, Innovation and Creativity, Knowledge Management, Zero Energy home concepts, implemented to the construction industry and higher education systems. Also Quality Control, Dimensional Metrology, Fluid Flow Metrology, Engineering Education, and Web-Based Education (e-Learning).  Some of my recent projects are :

  1. Research Team Leader (PI) for the Project "Program for Creativity and Innovation Skills Development through Quality and Organizational Excellence Concepts" funded by the Ministry of Higher Education for 2 years (October 2014 - October 2016), SR988.000.

  2. Founder Member and Principal Investigator of The Muallem Mohamed BinLaden Research Chair on Quality and Productivity Improvement in the Construction Industry at the University of Hail. The chair is externally funded by Saudi BinLaden Constructions Group for a period of 5 years (May 2010 May 2015), SR5.000.000.

  3. Co-Investigator and Member of the KACST-NSTIP Project, "Zero Energy home for the Saudi Climate". 2 years (2014-2016), Project Code: 13-ENE381-58, SR1.780.600.

  4. Principal Investigator (PI) of a Research Project: "Computational Study of the Performance of Flow Conditioners used in the Oil and Gas Industry", University of Hail, Scientific Research Deanship, 2016, SR89.000.

  5. Principal Investigator (PI), "Quality Management Systems in the Saudi Construction Industry A Field study in Hail Region", University of Hail, Scientific Research Deanship, (Code: E11/ME), 6/2012-5/2013, SR85.000. 

  6. Principal Investigator (PI), "Industrial Metrology in the Perspective of the international Quality Management Standards ISO 9000", University of Hail, Scientific Research Deanship, (Code: E11/ME/BOOK), 6/2012-5/2013, SR50.000. 

  7. Co-Investigator in a project "Developing Hands-on Team Based Lean Six Sigma Manufacturing Experiments for the Students of Industrial Engineering at the University of Hail", University of Hail, Scientific Research Deanship,  Code : E26/IC, SR77.000.

  8. Co-Investigator in a research project led by Dr Wan Yusuf,  "Total Quality Management Systems in the Saudi Manufacturing Industry", University of Hail, Scientific Research Deanship,  SR50.000.


مع المحبرة إلى المقبرة  - الإمام أحمد بن حنبل -          If you want to reach immortality, share your knowledge.  



Major Research Achievements


Total Quality and Organizational Excellence Consultancy Center

Quality Corner

Program for Creativity and Innovation

Quality in Construction Research Chair

TQM workshop, 17th May 2010


Books on Quality


I am proud to have friends and students all over the world. I will be happy to share with you my knowledge and experience. Please do feel free to contact me through my email.


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